Automatic Parts Washers

Automatic parts washers for all of your cleaning needs!

Automatic parts washers raise the bar in cleaning performance by employing high-pressure jets to scrub with a detergent solution. Just place the parts inside the parts washer and that’s it! Enjoy saving time and money. Not only are automatic parts washers great for your bottom line, they also ensure the safety and health of your employees. Switching from solvents to aqueous-based cleaning solutions is the ethical choice. And, in fact, the ethical choice will save you money on worker compensation claims!

Our automatic parts washers include:

Cuda Top Load

Cuda Front Load

JRI Cleaning Systems


Cuda Top Load Parts Washers

Cuda top-load parts washers are a great choice for cleaning small to medium-sized parts. Though the Cuda is small, you’ll be surprised how powerful it is! It can clean parts up to 500 pounds! Cuda’s top-load series features a rotating turntable, automatic low-water shutoff protection, disc oil skimmer, caster wheels, steam venting, easy-lift lid with gas struts, and debris prevention screens. Cuda Top Load parts washers employ pressurized hot water and detergents with rust inhibitors.

Our automatic parts washers include:

Cuda 2216 Series Top-Load Parts Washers
Cuda 2412 Series Top-Load Parts Washers
Cuda 2518 Series Top-Load Parts Washers
Cuda SJ-15 Series Top-Load Parts Washers

Cuda Front Load Parts Washers

A popular choice, Cuda front-load parts washers are easy to use, solvent-free, and environmentally friendly. They’re also heavy duty – their loading capacity is 5,000 pounds! Speaking of 5,000 pounds, this line of washers is designed so that it’s easy to load and un-load heavy parts by using a roll-in door and a recessed entry. This design also prevents wash solution from dripping on the floor, mitigating another potential safety hazard. This Cuda line includes a removable debris screen, automatic low-water shutoff, disc oil skimmer, convenient access to the sump, and easy-to-reach controls for the oil skimmer, heater and wash-cycle timers, and turntable on/off switch.

Our front-load automatic parts washers include:

Cuda 2530 Series Front Load Parts Washers
Cuda 2840 Series Front Load Parts Washers
Cuda 2848 Series Front Load Parts Washers
Cuda 3648 Series Front Load Parts Washers
Cuda 4860 Series Front Load Parts Washers
Cuda 7248 Series Front Load Parts Washers

JRI Cleaning Systems 

JRI Cleaning Systems offer a myriad of choices of parts washers and parts cleaning systems. The largest manufacturer in the industry, they also have the largest engineering staff. By designing, manufacturing, and avoiding other forms of outsourcing, customers get cleaning systems tailored to them and in a shorter amount of time than other competitors.

These cleaning systems include industrial parts washers and aqueous parts washers. All JRI cleaning systems use aqueous cleaning solutions.


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