Hotsy 1400 Series Hot Water Pressure Washers


Powerful & Programmable

Hotsy’s 1400 Series stationary model is a powerful electric powered washer packed with features, the most impressive being the programmable smart control automation for auto start/stop and time delay shutdown can be set to meet your individual needs. The core components of the 1400 Series washer are protected beneath removable panels, which help protect from overspray and dust. Side panels are easily removed for access for service and maintenance.
  • NG-Fired
  • 4 – 5 GPM
  • 3000 PSI
  • 8.2 – 10 HP
  • 208V/1PH, 230V/1PH, 208V/3PH, 230V/3PH, 460V/3PH, 575V/3PH
  • Belt-Drive Hotsy® Triplex Pump
  • Smart Relay Control System
  • Many options to make industrial cleaning faster and easier!
  • Heater coil carries a 5-year warranty
  • Hotsy-designed Triplex pumps carry a 7-year limited warranty
  • Upright, vertical coil with 1/2-inch schedule 80 pipe is wrapped with a thick foil blanket insulation, delivering high efficiency and maintains constant temperature using Natural Gas or LP Gas
  • Industry-standard flue outlet for quick installation
  • Pressure relief valve protects the machine and user from thermal expansion
  • Programmable Smart Control Automation provides complete control over the machine’s run time, auto start/ stop and time delay shut down functionality.
  • Sleek side and front removable panels provide easy access to the entire washer for service & maintenance
  • 50-ft. length of high-pressure hose for easy cleaning in a large working area
  • Float tank helps maintain constant water pressure and flow while helping to prevent sediment from entering the machine’s components

• Remote Controls for start up, shut down
• 8”Gas-Fired Draft Diverter – for natural draft burner operation; prevents downward/upward air affecting burner efficiency
• Wheel Kit – includes LP bottle rack & clamp; platform cart enables mobility; 2 swivel casters, 2 rigid
• Inlet Water Solenoid – prohibits water flow to float tank during idle
• Soap Solenoid – use with remote station for on/off detergent contr