Pressure Washer Service and Repair


Hotsy provides pressure washer service and repair.

Mid-MIchigan Hotsy can help your cleaning business clean faster and more efficiently. Keep your pressure washer serviced regularly to avoid loss in productivity in the future. It will pay off!

We have certified technicians.

Trust our skilled technicians for your pressure washer service and repair. Our staff has years of experience, allowing us to identify issues quickly and do a superior job making repairs.

On-site repair for pressure washers.

We perform on site or in-house repairs in a timely manner. Our service techs are factory trained and certified to perform service and repair on Hotsy pressure washers.

Service trucks on call.

Mid-MIchigan Hotsy has a fleet of service trucks to provide repairs at your location as soon as possible. We understand how important it is to get your equipment up and running in a timely manner. We carry a large supply of replacement parts on our service trucks and can typically correct any issues while on site.

Pressure washer service plans and tune-ups.

A great way to extend the life of your pressure washer, regular tune-ups keep your pressure washer running smoothly and efficiently. Tune-ups often uncover problems before they become problems, saving you in the long run. There’s less time that your washer is out of commission allowing you to lose minimal time serving your customers. Tune-ups also assure your pressure washer is running smoothly and efficiently.

What does a tune-up include?

Our 24 pt. pressure washer service tune-up includes checking for fuel, oil, and water leaks as well as examining the pump oil level, engine oil level, oil filter, fuel filter, water filter, belt tension, pulley alignment, hoses, coil soot and scale build-up, detergent suction, burner emissions (black smoke), and electrical switches.

Sign up for a service plan


Contact Mid-MIchigan Hotsy for information on preventative maintenance plans.

Hotsy Cleaning Systems offer several scheduled maintenance plans, tailored to you. Whether you use your pressure washer daily, weekly, or monthly, we can design a pressure washer maintenance plan that meets your needs.

It’s so convenient. And, a service plan prevents major problems down the road, and does so at a low cost. For little effort, servicing your pressure washer lengthens the life of your equipment.

Hotsy’s tune-ups include checking and examining:

Fuel leaks
Oil leaks
Water leaks
Pump oil level
Engine oil level
Oil filter
Fuel filter
Water filter

Belt tension
Pulley alignment
Coil soot and scale build-up
Detergent suction
Burner emissions (black smoke)
Electrical switches


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