Waste Water Treatment Systems

Superior Waste Water Treatment

Central Cleaning Systems systems offers waste water treatment systems to meet the clean water demands set by federal and state regulations that many manufacturing and industrial companies face. To meet these requirements, we tailor solutions to meet each customer’s specific wastewater management needs. You can count on our expertise for all of your waste water treatment systems needs.


Quality manufacturers we partner with include:

  • Mi-T-M
  • Water Maze


Featured Models

Clarifier Wash-Water Recycle System

Mi-T-M’s recycle systems are designed to remove free hydrocarbons and filter the water to be sent back through a pressure washer. The systems come standard with pH and ORP injection, and are designed for corrosion resistance by utilizing poly tanks and recycled-plastic skids.

Product Features:

These wash-water recycle systems combine enhanced design with state-ofthe-art technology to offer:

  • Cone-shaped tank for easy handling of accumulated solids
  • Quality recycled wash-water without common odor problems
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Heavy-duty, corrosive-resistant base for years of maintenance-free operation
  • CSA approved control panel meets the requirements of the US and Canadian standards for an Industrial Control Panel
Other features:
  • CSA listed NEMA-4 rated corrosion-proof control panel for safe and reliable operation
  • Hose connectors are designed for easy accessibility and quick installation; the connectors are clearly marked
  • Pumps are easily accessible
  • Recommended Mi-T-M Air Compressor AC1-HE02-05M1 for use with the auto-backwash models
Surface-Mount Sump Pump

Untreated wash-water is introduced into the system via a 1.0 HP surface-mount sump pump.

Clarifier Oil/Water/Solids Separator

As the water flows through the cone-shaped oil/water/solids separator, it changes directions countless times as the water is directed and redirected through cone baffles, and hundreds of square feet of oleophilic (oil attracting) coalescing media.

Mechanically emulsified oil particles are attracted from the water to the oleophilic media, and float to the surface. Once on the surface, the oil is skimmed off into an oil decanter for easy disposal.

Fine silt and particulates are dropped to the bottom of the cone for easy flushing and disposal of the accumulated solids.

Corona Discharge Ozone Injection

Water in the cone tank is injected with a high concentration of ozone via a corona discharge ozone injector system, tiny bubbles saturate the water in the cone tank, killing live bacteria instantly on contact.

Oil Decanter

Oil skimmed from the surface of the clarifier tank is captured in a conveniently located oil decanter. Oil can be removed easily for appropriate disposal.

Solids Separator Chamber

Solids from the wastewater stream settle at the base of the clarifier tank.

With the opening of a single valve, solids are easily dropped into a bag filter for effective capture and easy disposal.

The bag filter is suspended on a de-watering tray with drainage returning to the in-ground pits.

Customized Multi-Media Filter (located at the back of the skid)

Once the water has been treated for oil and solids removal, it is then pushed through a customized multi-media filter which contains a special media blend to filter out particulates down to 25 microns.

Reusable Polyester Filter

Once the larger particulates are removed, the water is then filtered through hundreds of square feet of reusable polyester 30 micron filters. (Not used on auto backwash models)

Activated Carbon Filter

The final treatment stage of the system occurs as the water is filtered through activated carbon which absorbs hydrocarbons, herbicides, pesticides, some metals and dozens of the carbon-based constituents. Activated carbon also works as a polisher for treated water to remove chlorides.

ORP/pH Controller

For longer term control of bacteria, the ORP injection system automatically measures and injects a germicide to control
odor by killing odor-causing bacteria. The automatic pH control system keeps the water at an appropriate pH level so the germicide is effective at killing bacteria and controlling odor.

Treated Water Holding Tank

Treated water is delivered for reuse at 30 PSI to 50 PSI via a pressurized water storage tank.

Electrical Control Panel

NEMA-4 rated corrosion-proof control panel for safe and reliable operation. CSA listed.

Featured Models

CLP Water Recycling System

This CLP Water Recycling System’s mechanical filtration system is the standard in the high-pressure cleaning industry for automated wash-water recycling. CLP systems are automated control filtration, recirculation, filter backwash, and sludge discharge. The CLP stacks 10 cone-shaped coalescing plates, which provides excellent separation of oil and solids from the water. The CLP slows the flow of water, which helps dirt settle.

Product Features:

The industrial-grade ultraviolet ozone generator 1/3 to 1/2 hp submersible and filter pumps 185 – 490 sq. ft. of cone-shaped coalescing plates

Ideal for:

Heavy equipment cleaning Manufacturing

CL Water Clarifier

The CL Commercial Water Filtration System is versatile and modular. Consider adding a Filter Pac III module to serve as a solids separator, a treat-and-discharge unit, or a recycle system. Ten Coalescing Cones push water to the edges of the tank, forcing water to flow from a 1-1/2 inch pipe into a 4-ft. tunnel. The reduction in velocity prevents channeling, enhances the separation process, and forces solids to sink.

Product Features:

CL-30: Pre-treats wastewater as a solids separator

CL-600D: Treats and discharges wash water to the sanitary sewer

CL-603: Full recycling systems when matched with the modular Filter Pac III

CLT-300/CLT-600: Cone-bottom tanks used as a pre-treatment or post-treatment auxiliary tanks

Ideal for:

Heavy equipment cleaning Manufacturing

HBG Evaporator

Heated by natural gas, HBG Evaporators use hot-plate technology with a combustion chamber to dispense 90% to 95% of a waste stream. To increase energy costs savings, the combustion box in the HBG models is made of heat reflective material and reflects the heat directly onto the floor of the evaporation tank.

Product Features:

Heavy-duty tank made of carbon steel with optional alloy upgrades to 316L or AL-6XN stainless steel Insulated and double lined Non-fouling, stainless steel

liquid level assembly prevents damage to the system with a third float for protection against overflowing

High-efficiency burner fueled by natural gas or propane for high-energy efficiency

Can evaporate wastewater at rates from 8 to 30 gallons per hour

Three-inch, recessed drain port for easy sludge removal

Eight 2600-watt coil-type heaters Can be configured with 230V 3ph or 460V 3ph

Ideal for:

Heavy equipment cleaning Manufacturing
Metal finishing

Alpha Oil-Water Separator

The Water Maze Alpha Oil-Water Separator works above ground. The Alpha’s proprietary “maze”, including 1000 sq. ft. of inclined coalescing plates, rapidly draws oil from wash water.

Product Features:

Up to 250-gallon stainless steel tank and aluminum lid for rust-free operation

Ultra-violet ozone generator with up to 99% contact of bacteria-killing ozone in wash water

Stainless steel baffles

Automatic oil removal and disposal

Sheen filter for polishing the water pre-discharge

Discharges wash water to the sanitary sewer at up to 30 GPM

Plates are easy to clean

Ideal for:

Heavy equipment cleaning Manufacturing


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